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Is Life360 a Spying? Here is the Full Details you should Use it Or Not

BY Sourav



Over the past few years, tracking apps have gained massive popularity. The main focus of these apps is to allow family and friends to stay connected by sharing locations. 

Since the number of crimes is increasing daily, parents are worried about their children’s safety. Therefore, they use tracking apps like Life360 to track their kids’ activity and keep them safe. But is Life360 too bad for privacy? Read the complete article to learn whether or not you should use Life360. 

How Does Life360 Work?

Life360 is one of the most popular and widely used family locator applications. You can download this app from Google Play Store or App Store

There is a premium version of this app that offers many other features, such as crash detection technology, weekly distracted driving reports, real-time directions to other family members, 24/7 roadside assistance, help and battery alerts, crime reports, etc.

Life360 is mainly a GPS tracker that you can put in the pocket of your kid. It not only allows checking the current location but also tracks the speed of a vehicle your kid is riding and lets you send SOS signals in an emergency. 

However, your phone battery can be affected by this app because it will cause battery drainage even while running in the background. 

The Negative Sides of Life360

When we were kids, our parents probably could easily let us play and enjoy our childhood without worrying about many things. 

But the present world is much different from when we grew up. Now there are many risks for teenagers. That’s why apps like Life360 appear for rescue. 

However, most teenagers hate this app, claiming it destroys their social life and takes away their freedom. Many youngsters also claim that parents are getting overly involved in their life, which negatively affects their emotional well-being. 

Although Life360 has various helpful aspects, misuse of this app can make kids vulnerable. Many parents mistreat the primary purpose of the app. That’s why kids feel they are hacked, and their freedom is taken away. It leads them to hack the app to stop sharing their proper location. People even use this app to track adults as well. 

Hence, parents need to create a space for their children to have an honest conversation about social events and share thoughts. It will be more beneficial for the growth of teenagers. But if a parent only wants to stalk their child’s activities, then it’s better not to use Life360, or it becomes meaningless. 

The Positive Sides of Life360

Although we’ve discussed various negative sides of Life 360, this app has many benefits. Life360 can be a life saver if you can use it properly. 

For example, if you lost your child, Life360 will help you find your kid even if they can’t pick up your calls or respond to your messages due to a poor network. 

Despite all the negative comments, a few people thank this application because it helps them find their lost children. So, Life 360 isn’t too bad in reality, as some children who have this app on their phones mentioned. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, it entirely depends on you whether Life360 is bad or not. According to the perspective of teenagers, it’s a wrong application, while parents think it is a helpful app. 

But remember that it is more valuable to trust your children than to monitor their every activity. We will recommend thinking again if you choose the latter one. 

So, What do you think about Life360? Share your view with us in the comment box below. 

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