Why Would Someone Hide Their Instagram Story From You


why would someone hide their instagram story from you
Julia Garner

Did you try to check out someone’s Instagram story and could not find it?

In that case, you must be wondering why someone would hide their Instagram story from you.

It stings when you are feeling excluded, especially when you don’t know if it is all in your head or if it was something you did. Social media apps make it more tangible and clear so you can figure everything out.

The possibilities for why someone would hide their story from you are endless, and none of them are good. There might be a perfectly reasonable explanation that has nothing to do with you.

You’ll never really know the real reason unless you ask. So ask them to find out what’s going on.

In this article, I will share with you the reason why would someone hide their IG story from you and how to find out this.

Why Would Someone Hide Their Instagram Story From You?

There are a few reasons why someone would hide their Instagram story from you. They could be going through something personal or maybe they realized that they don’t want everyone to know about their personal stuff like relationship issues.

It could be something completely out of their hand too, like technical issues. Or the reasons could be petty or malicious – they are talking about you, keeping a secret from you, sharing inside jokes they don’t want you in on…

Personal Reasons

They posted something embarrassing they don’t want you to see. We’ve all been there, scrolling through old photos and cringing at what seemed cool at the time.

Sometimes people just get done with all the drama in their lives and want to keep their lives private. They suddenly stop posting altogether or limit their stories only to family members and/or friends.

Relationship Issues

If that person has had a recent falling out with you or someone else, they need space from you or from everyone. You can call them up and ask them how they are doing and everything will be cleared up. If they seem hesitant to talk about it, you should try giving them space.

Technical Issues

Instagram is always rolling out updates so there may be a glitch or a bug. Make sure to update the app again because these things are detected quickly and resolved in a new update.

Inside jokes

The story might just be for a certain set of people so maybe that’s why you are excluded from it. Because you don’t know the context, it would make no sense for that person to share it with you and other followers so they made that particular story only visible to close friends.

Keeping a secret

A lot of kids do things that they don’t want their parents and relatives to know. That doesn’t stop them from posting about it on social media though. They just make sure to limit the access to the stories from those people.

Unfortunately, if someone has blocked their stories from you then you are one of those they are keeping a secret from.

They are talking about you:

The reason why this is bothering you so much is because you think that maybe they are hiding their stories from just you because they are talking about you.

The likelihood of this happening is really low, but if this is true then you are better off not knowing or being friends with someone who talks trash about you on social media.

The reasons behind a hidden story can be petty or point to deeper problems. Either way, the choice is yours whether you want to confront the hider, unfollow them, or just move on knowing their stories aren’t meant for you. Their loss, right? You’ve got your own stories to share.

How to find out if Someone has Hidden their Instagram Story from you

First, go ahead and check if their name still pops up when you type their name. If it does, then you haven’t been blocked. In that case, you can follow these steps –

Check Green Ring

Look for a green ring around their profile picture. If it’s there but you can’t see their story, it might be a tech issue.

Check DM Notifications

Check your Direct Messages for story notifications. No notifications? They might have hidden the story from you.

Ask a Mutual Friend

If all else fails, ask a mutual friend if they can see the story. Be considerate and avoid pressuring them but this is the best way to get a confirmed answer.

What to Do if Someone Has Hidden Their Instagram Story From You?

There are a lot of things to do if someone has hidden their story on Instagram from you. Either you can stop stalking them or you can directly ask then why they are ignoring you. Let’s see how it works.

Stop stalking and give them space

If you’re constantly watching their stories and liking their posts, they may want a break from your digital stalking. Ease up on the social media lurking and like only posts you genuinely find interesting.

Give them space in real life too, rather than always dropping by or texting. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Consider confronting them (but maybe don’t)

You could directly ask them why they hid their story, but proceed with caution. While honesty and communication are important, they may get defensive if you come across as accusatory.

However, if you do bring it up, do so casually and keep things light. You can ask them something along the lines of – “I noticed you hid your story from me. Everything okay?” Their reaction should tell you whether the issue lies with you or them.

The truth is, you may never know exactly why they hid that story. But by reacting calmly, giving them space, and not making assumptions, you’ll feel better about yourself – and your relationship will be stronger for it.


The reasons are many, but the outcome is the same – you’ve been left out in the cold, scrolling through stories of people who don’t seem to care if you view their posts or not.

This guide has explained why would someone hide their Instagram story from you and how you can deal with it.

Before you do anything, you should consider that it may not actually be about you at all. Because people have a right to their own privacy in curating who sees what in their social media lives.

As hard as it is, try not to take the hidden story personally. Their reasons are their own, and you’ll drive yourself mad trying to decipher the meaning behind it.

The healthiest thing to do is accept what you cannot change and move on to viewing the stories of people who do want you as part of their audience.

Your self-worth isn’t defined by who can and can’t see your Instagram stories. Log off, go outside and enjoy some sunshine – your mental health will thank you for it.

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