How Does Snap Score Work on Snapchat? How to Increase It?

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Are you wondering how your Snap score works on Snapchat? 

The unique gamification features of Snapchat help to attract more users and increase its user base. Snapchat score is one among them. Many users are still unaware of how the Snap score works and is calculated. 

So, let’s try to find out whether your Snap score is truly a super secret special equation or it’s just a simple number. 

Although the Snapchat team doesn’t want to share anything about how the app calculates the score, here we’ll try to explain all your queries regarding the Snap score. So, keep reading. 

What is Snap Score?

Snap Score is mainly a running tally of your Snapchat activity. It includes all your received and sent snaps, the number of friends you have, the number of users you added, your Snapchat Streaks, stories, and more. It basically shows how popular and active a user is on Snapchat. 

It is a perfect feature to propel the growth of Snapchat by attracting more users to increase in-app engagement. Many Snapchat users compare their Snap scores to each other to get Snapchat trophies. 

Why is Your Snapchat Score Important?

Your Snapchat Score isn’t just a simple number. It’s mainly extra points that you earn in return for your daily activity on the app. 

You can get points by using the app. It even adds important information, like zodiac sign and username to your profile.

There are various aspects of how Snap score works.

Snapchat Users Compare their scores with each other to view whose scores are high. These Snap scores are transformed into Snapchat trophies. You can easily unlock the trophies by doing simple in-app activities, like sending Snaps. 

The Snap score feature of Snapchat gives rewards to everyone. Snapchat users love this feature as they like to check the tally of the Snap score on their friend’s profile and the company receives more in-app engagement. 

How Does the Snap Score Work and How it Increases?

Snap Score usually increases based on your in-app activity such as the number of friends you have on Snapchat, the number of snaps you send, etc. 

Receive and Send Snaps

The Snapchat score increases whenever you send or receive a snap. It means that the higher number of snaps you send every day, the higher your score will increase. Snaps that you’re sending to your friends will also count as your Snapchat streak. 

But, you must remember that plain text messages won’t increase your Snap score. So, always try to send photos as snaps to increase the score. 

Post Stories

When you post stories, your Snapchat score will increase. 

Snapchat Streak

Snapchat streak is yet another option to increase your Snap score. So, try to keep your Snapchat Streak up to increase the Snap score. 

Come back to Snapchat

If you’ve taken a short leave from Snapchat and come back after a while, you’ll get some bonus points from Snapchat. 

How to Find Snap Score?

Now as you’ve understood how the Snap score works, it’s time to learn how to see the Snap score. 

1. See your Snap Score

Simply open your Snapchat account and tap on the bitmoji icon from the top left corner. Now on your profile screen, you can see your Snap score under your username. 

2. See your Friend’s Snap score

You can also check the Snap score of your friends. But remember, only you can view the Snapscores of people who are added as mutual friends.  

All you need is to open your friend list on Snapchat. After that type the username of the friend you want to check the Snap score and open the profile. Now, tap on their bitmoji icon to view the Snap score. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Snap Score Calculated?

Snap score is basically calculated by following your in-app activity. You can receive rewards from Snapchat whenever you send and receive snaps, post stories on Snapchat, and take part in Snapchat streaks.

Can My Snap Score Go Down?

Snap score generally can’t go down, it only goes up. But when you stop being active on Snapchat, then Snapchat deducts all your points.

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