What Is Deco Pic On Android & Can You Uninstall It?

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If you’re a Samsung Galaxy mobile user, you may have noticed the Deco Pic app. It’s a default camera app on Samsung to take fun photos and videos with live stickers, frames, etc.

However, many users have complained about having problems with the Deco Pic app. It requires multiple permissions including accessing phone storage, location, phone calls, microphone and others that a photo editing app doesn’t need. Therefore, users find this app strange and want to uninstall it from the device.

This article will explain everything about Deco Pic, what it does and how to get rid of it.

What does Deco Pic App Do on Samsung?

Deco Pic app is a photo and video editing camera application developed by Samsung Electronics. The app offers multiple features like live GIF stickers, frames, stamps, and masks to help you take funny photos and videos. You simply need to take a photo or record a video with this app and apply stickers on it.

The Deco Pic app is available on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone after an update to Android 12. It’s basically a shortcut to an app already installed on the phone but hidden inside the default camera application. The app is accessible from the AR zone section in the camera app.

The app is completely safe to use. But it doesn’t include advanced features so you may need to install a third-party camera app for that.

Required Permissions for Deco Pic

The Deco Pic app requires some necessary permission to function and provide services to the users.

  • Camera: For providing graphic effects to photos and videos.
  • Audio: For recording sound while recording videos.
  • Storage Space: For saving the recorded videos and photos.

There’re some optional permissions you may or may not need to allow.

  • Telephone: To make and manage phone calls.
  • Location: To access the device’s location.
  • Files and media: To save pictures and videos.

Why do You Need Samsung Deco Pic App?

If you’re confused about whether you need Deco Pic on a Samsung Galaxy phone, here is the deal. It’s a great camera app with varieties of features and options. The app has fun live stickers, beautiful frames, masks, and stamps to use on photos and videos. These help you to take better photos and videos to share on social media.

But if you don’t want the app and its features, you can uninstall or disable it.

How to Uninstall Deco Pic App?

The default camera app in Samsung had already some of the features from Deco Pic such as masks and stickers. But the developers allegedly created a separate app thinking that it would be easier for the users to access the features. However, not all users are on-board with this new app and in a Reddit thread, many asks if the app is malware that gets installed on their device. Fortunately, it’s not malware in the literal sense of the term. But since it’s an unwanted application for many people, Deco Pic could be designated as bloatware.

Many users have reported facing issues while trying to uninstall Deco Pic. Though some claim to uninstall the app successfully using the developer mode, others say they can disable it from the device but can’t uninstall it. A Redditor said that he uninstalled the app from the System App Manager on the smartphone, but it can’t be verified at this moment. Still, it’s worth a try, so the users who want to give it a shot can open Settings, choose Apps, search Deco Pic, then tap the three-dot icon in the upper right and select Uninstall Updates. This process will allegedly uninstall the latest Deco Pic updates from Samsung mobiles.

How to Disable Deco Pic App?

To disable the Deco Pic app and remove the shortcut from your phone, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the app on your phone. Then tap and hold the app shortcut until a menu appears.
  2. Select Disable.
  3. Select Disable again at the bottom to confirm.

Now, the app is disabled and the shortcut is disappeared from your phone.

If you want to get back the app, go to Settings> Apps> Deco Pic> Enable. The shortcut to the Deco Pic app will be added to the screen.

That’s all about the Deco Pic app on Samsung Galaxy. It’s a great addition to your device to make your photos and videos fun. Though you can choose to disable the app or keep it on your device.

If you have any more queries regarding this app, please feel free to ask us using the comment box below. We’ll reply back to you as soon as possible.

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