What Does TTM Mean? Texting, Snapchat, and More

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Have you ever received a message with the abbreviation “TTM,” but don’t know what it means and how to respond to it? In that case, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you what the abbreviation “TTM” stands for and how to use this while having a conversation.

Just in case you stumbled across “TTM” in a different context, go through this article to find out alternate definitions of TTM as well.

What Does TTM Mean in Texting?

TTM means “talk to me” in texting and all digital or social media platforms. The term gets used when someone wants you to get engaged in a conversation by calling or chatting with them. This abbreviation can be used to ask someone questions, fix up appointments or just simply talk to them. It’s not exclusively used in texts, you can see it pop up in Snapchat and other messaging apps as well.

What Does TTM Mean in Snapchat?

TTM on Snapchat means “talk to me.” Normally, when a person sends you “TTM”, it means he/she wants you to engage in a conversation. Some people use “TTM” to show their appreciation for someone they care about, while others use it to show they’re paying close attention to their lives. Some other abbreviations that include “TTM” are:

  • DTTM: Don’t Talk To Me.
  • TTMN: Talk To Me Now.
  • TTML: Talk To Me Later.

How to Use TTM

Initiate a conversation

In case you are missing your friend or near and dear ones or it’s been a while since you have talked to them, you can send them texts using TTM, such as:

  • “Missing you, TTM!”
  • “It’s been a long time, TTM!”
  • “How have you been? TTM!”
  • “Long time no see, TTM!”

Providing support

If your friend or relative is having a hard time or going through a tough phase in their life, you can send them TTM to show that you are there for them and you’re willing to listen if they want to talk.

  • “I cannot imagine what you are going through, but I would like you to know that I’m always here. Don’t hesitate to TTM.”
  • “I heard that you had a rough day, I’m here, You can TTM anytime if you want.”

Find out what’s going on with your friend

Whether your best friend just came back from a vacation or just been asked out by their high school crush, encourage them to share every single detail of their experience with a quick “TTM”.

  • “Hey, I heard that you had been asked out by XYZ. TTM when you come back home.”
  • “Did you just get a picture with Hugh Jackman? TTM!”

Alternate Meanings of TTM

  • Target Threat Manager.
  • Troubleshooting Manual.
  • Temporary Traffic Management.
  • To the Max.
  • Through The Mail.
  • Tiny Task Manager.
  • Time To Market.
  • Table Top Meeting.
  • Tata Motors, Inc.
  • Tam Tam Mandingue.
  • The Time Machine.
  • Till This Moment.
  • The True Maker.
  • Training Target Material.
  • Time Transfer Modem.
  • To The Moon.
  • Tiny Tin Men.
  • Test Tube Miller.
  • Trailing Twelve Months.

That’s it, folks! Hopefully, you’ve understood the meaning of “TTM” and how to use it. If you’ve any further queries do let us know in the comment box below.

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