What Does ION Mean on Snapchat?

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Nowadays, there are various social media apps that help to connect with friends and family anytime from anywhere. If you’ve just started exploring social media, you need to know the function of different social apps. Also, you must understand the specific lingo of each social app including emoticons, abbreviations, and more. 

If you’re a Snapchat user, possibly you’ve heard the term ION while chatting with friends. Now, it may sound gibberish to you if you’re new to this platform. But don’t worry. Here we’ll discuss what ION means on Snapchat. 

What Does ‘ION’ Stand for?

In short, ION stands for both “In Other News” and “I don’t”. It’s a new abbreviation that is used widely. This acronym is not only used by Snapchat users but people also use it on text messages and DMs. 

How to Use ION on Snapchat?

You can use this abbreviation in various ways on Snapchat. You can use “ion” while sending text messages, Snaps and even uploading stories on your Snapchat. 

Snapchat also has cool “In other News” stickers that you can use in your Snaps and stories. It’s better to create a separate text box for ion while using it in a snap or story. It highlights the topic more than the ‘ion’ text. 

In order to use ion sticker on a snap, 

  • Open the Snapchat app on your device. 
  • Click a picture or select a picture from the gallery to set it as a background for your story or snap.
  • Tap the Sticker button from the right side of your screen.
  • Type in other news in the search box located at the top. 
  • Tap on a sticker according to your choice to add it to your story or Snap. 

Example of Using ION on Snapchat

Here is an example to use ION on Snapchat. 

Friend: What’s the plan for tomorrow?

Me: ion know. Netflix, time pass, and chill. 

Friend: Oh! All right. Can I join you?

Me: Yah! Sure. 

Additionally, if your friend uses ION in the capital, it might indicate changing the topic of the conversation.  Here’s how.

Friend: What are you doing next Monday?

Me: Nothing much.

Friend: Good. ION. I got a call for an interview for a new job. 

Some other Acronyms like ‘ion’ on Snapchat

Here are some other Acronyms like ion on Snapchat.

  • FYI: It means ‘For Your Information. This acronym is used to inform someone about something that they don’t know.
  • ICYDK: It stands for ‘In Case You Don’t Know. It can also be used to change the point of a conversation or share some information like ‘ion’ and ‘FYI’.
  • IMO: It means‘In My Opinion’. This term is used to share your own opinion on a matter. 
  • News flash: It is a term that is used to bring attention to a new topic like ‘ion’. 

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