What Does “Use Not Found” Mean on Instagram

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It’s frustrating to get a “User not found” error message while searching for someone on Instagram. Instead of the result, Instagram keeps showing the error. This usually happens when the user changes their username, deletes or disables their account or has blocked you from their Instagram.

So, if you’re curious to know more about this error, here’s the guide explaining everything about “User not found” on Instagram.

What Does “User not Found” Mean on Instagram

The “user not found” message on Instagram means that the user changes the username, deleted the account, their account is disabled or they’ve blocked you from their Instagram. Following are some reasons you’re getting the error message.

You made a typo

Sometimes, the “User not found” message can occur because of a typo. In case, you made a spelling mistake while trying to find an Instagram user manually, then you’ll probably see this message. Therefore, double-check your spelling while typing the username.

User has changed their username

Instagram allows users to change their usernames anytime. So, if the person you want to find has changed his/her username, it will display “User not found” message. Generally, the username forms based on the URL for your Instagram profile, so when someone changes their username, their location on Instagram also changes. Although Instagram usually redirects the user to a new location, that might not happen always.

In that case, you can find the person using their phone numbers linked with the account. Otherwise, if you both have any mutual followers, search their profiles to know the new username of that specific person.

Disable account

Probably the person you want to communicate with temporarily disabled their Instagram account. Instagram doesn’t display disabled accounts in the search result. That’s why it’s showing the “user not found” error whenever you’re trying to find them. 

Disable accounts will remain hidden until the user activates their profile again.

User delete the account

Another possible reason behind the “user not found” error is the user deleted the Instagram account. Instagram removes all the posts, and comments of that particular account soon after the user chooses to delete it. In that case, you won’t be able to find the user again. 

You can search the person from someone else’s profile to check whether the error only occurs with you or if the person has truly deleted his account.

User has blocked you

You will get the “user not found” error if the person you’re searching for has blocked you on Instagram. If you’ve searched or direct message the user previously, you can see their profile from your search result or chat history. But it will show the user not found error when you click their profile. 

In that case, you can ask the user directly to sort out the matter. 

Instagram banned the user

Instagram doesn’t allow any inappropriate, abusive, or violating content on the platform. If any user breaks the rules and regulations of Instagram, it restricts the account. Also, Instagram permanently banned an account that gets multiple reports of spreading violations. 

So, if you’re searching for a suspended account, you’ll see the “user not found” message.

Hopefully, now it’s clear to you that “user not found” on Instagram is a very common error. Apart from the block, these above-mentioned reasons are also responsible for the error. So, it’s better to check everything carefully before making any decision. 

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