What Does “This Number Is No Longer In Service” Mean?

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You tried to send somebody a text message and instead of the delivery status, what happens is you realize this number is no longer in service.

When you text a number that is out of service, the text message will either not get delivered or be delivered. If the number sends the text, you can’t guarantee that it’s being delivered to the correct recipient. That particular number is perhaps allocated to another person.

The message “this number is no longer in service text” can also indicate the number you’re trying to send a text to is unavailable as the number has been blocked by the service provider.

If you want to know in detail what this message means and what happens when you get that, here we’ve explained everything.

What does “This number is no longer in service text” mean?

“This number is no longer in service text” means the number you’re trying to send a text to is presently unavailable because the network provider may have disconnected it for not paying the phone bill. There may be another meaning that the number no longer exists or you probably have been fooled by the recipient.

Let’s check the reasons one by one:

The network provider may have blocked the number

It is one of the probable reasons for getting the error message “this number is no longer in service text message”.

Sometimes, the network provider can block someone’s phone number if he/she does not pay their phone bills on time. So, if the network provider has blocked the number that you’re trying to connect to, your calls or texts might not be delivered.

Instead, you’ll get to hear the number no longer exist in service or the phone number is blocked. Here, block doesn’t indicate that you’ve blocked the contact, but actually the service provider did.

The recipient may have deceived you

There are many people who do this trick. They deceive other people or callers to think that their number is no longer available in service which is nothing but a fake warning.

While trying to call or text a number, if you keep receiving the error that this number is no longer in service text in return, here’s a tip you need to try. Use a different number to send a text or call that contact.

If the text delivers or call connects successfully, it’s confirmed that you have been deceived by that person into believing that their mobile number no longer exists.

Weak phone signal

A weak cell phone signal or poor network coverage might trigger the issue when trying to send a text message. If the other person is in the poor network zone, it can cause you to hear the error message.

What happens when you send a text to a disconnected contact?

When you send a text to a disconnected contact, the result is the same as if you texted a number that’s no longer in service. There’s a possibility that the number was assigned to somebody else.

The phone carrier company will reallocate the number as immediately as they can. For the time being, any call or message to that number will fail.

You won’t know if the recipient you’re sending the text to is the intended person or not. This can lead to a tricky situation where the recipient may pretend to be the person whom you wanted to text or simply inform you that you’ve contacted the wrong number.

In short, if the phone number is not allocated yet, you might receive a warning saying that the text is not delivered or the number is not in the service. Don’t get confused by assuming that it’s a network issue or software problem.

One simple way to confirm whether the contact is actually no longer in service is by calling that number.

How do you know if a number is no longer in service?

Here’re some easy ways to know if a number is no longer in service.

  • The fastest way is to give a call to that number and listen to the automated answer saying “this number is no longer in service” or “the number is disconnected”.
  • You may also try to contact the service provider to verify the availability of that number. However, this method might arise a privacy concern and that might not be suitable for you.
  • There’s another way to confirm is you can contact the person via email. You can ask them what has happened and sort things out.

However, if you’re trying to contact a person and the number continuously returns “this number is no longer in service”, it may indicate that the person doesn’t wish to stay in touch with you.

Regardless of the reason, your best option is to contact that person by other means and find out why they’re not receiving your texts.

Is it possible to get a text from a number no longer in service?

Yes, you can get a text from a number that’s no longer in service through online messaging apps. It requires an internet connection, not a phone service provider network. It’s one of the effective ways to get a call or text from numbers that are out of service.

You can also contact someone who no longer has the number and is using WiFi spots in the town. It allows you to access the internet via WiFi. But again, this process includes using messaging apps to contact someone on the same service.

There’re many social media-related services that people use to communicate by calling or messaging without a phone number. For example, Google Voice assigns you a number once you create an account on that service and you can start calling anybody. The other person doesn’t need to have Google Voice to receive your call or texts.

However, be careful since calls from apps or numbers that are no longer in service can be fraud calls. Fraudulent people often fake the caller id using such services.


Hopefully, you’ve understood what “this number is no longer in service” means when you send a text to someone. Whenever you hear this alert, the person may have been blocked by their network provider, they could be in the weak phone signal zone or they have set this alert to fool you.

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