How To Fix The Number You Have Dialed Is Unallocated?

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When you’re trying to reach a number and it says “ The number you have dialed is unallocated”, then it indicates two things. Either the number is not assigned by the operator to a provider or it has been assigned to a provider but not to a subscriber. 

It is quite disturbing when you call someone urgently but the number continuously gets disconnected saying  “the number you have dialed is unallocated” or “the number you have dialed is invalid.” People often get frustrated as they are unaware of what it means and give up calling.

However, here we’re going to explain the reason why you get the message. We also recommend a few things that both the caller and recipient can try to fix the problem.

“Unallocated” Meaning

In every country, there are some administrators who do the job to allocate the blocks of phone numbers to the operators. After that, the operator provides numbers to the users from that block of numbers. 

Unallocated means there is no owner or user to that specific number. In other words, the number is allocated by the administrator to the operator but the operator hasn’t yet assigned it to a user. Although the particular number exists, it will be unallocated until it gets any subscriber. 

The number will automatically come out from “unallocated” after it gets assigned to a user. Hence, you will get the number is unallocated message while calling a number that is not subscribed under a user.

Prime Causes The Number You’ve Dialed is Unallocated

Apart from the reason discussed in the previous section, there are some more common causes to get the message the number you’ve dialed is unallocated. Here we’ve listed the prime causes to receive the unallocated number intercept message. 

Network Issues

If there’s any malfunction or glitch in your network, the issue can appear. But it’s a temporary issue. All you need is to wait a while and connect the number again. 

Wrong number

This is a common reason you will get the “the number you have dialed is unallocated” call intercept message. The first thing you need to do is recheck the number you’re calling and see if there are any missing or altered digits. Dailing an incorrect number makes it impossible to connect the specific person and increases the chances of getting the message. 

Pending Phone Bills

Either the caller or the recipient has not paid their phone bills on time, leading the telephone company to temporarily cancel the phone plan. In that case, it’ll say the number is unallocated until they clear the pending bills. 

Spam Number

Another possibility of getting this message is calling a spam phone number. A spam phone number is a software-generated phone number used by spammers, scammers, telemarketers, and robocalls. It usually generates numbers like real ones to scam people. 

How to Fix The Phone Number You’ve Dialed is Unallocated

Following are the three simple ways to fix the unallocated number problem.

Fix 1. Call Network Provider

The first and foremost thing we suggest you do is to make a call to your network provider. If you’re getting the call intercept message even after paying the phone bills, it would be some issues with your mobile operator. So, contact them, and they will surely fix the problem for you. 

Fix 2. Delete and Read the number

If you’ve called the number previously, you’ve probably made a mistake while dialing the number. Delete the number from your phone and dial it without saving the number to check if it passes. Users often unconsciously add, replace or remove a saved number. 

Fix 3. Check Google Voice Settings

In case you’re receiving the “the number you have dialed is unallocated” message on Google Voice, follow the steps for the fix. 

  • Open the  Google Voice settings page.
  • Ensure that your Google Voice phone number is located at the top of the Settings.
  • Navigate here for the carrier lookup
  • Type your mobile number and click search.
  • Confirm that the report of your carrier is correct.
  • Now go to the Google Voice account recovery page.
  • Type your Google voice number linked with your Google account.  
  • Try recovering your number and check if you get any messages from Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I get calls from an unallocated number? 

When you get calls from an unallocated number, it is undoubtedly spam. Someone can call you over IP (Internet protocol) Phone by using any number. The number is basically spammed. So, always be aware of these kinds of phone calls.

Why does someone use an unallocated number?

Generally, businessmen use unallocated phone numbers and telephone operators permit it for the commission. The telephone companies receive some amount of call cost when they transit a call. 

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