Is StreamEast Safe? Top 8 Alternative Sites Like StreamEast

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If you are a sports lover, you have already come across one of the popular online sports streaming channels 

These days, you can easily watch every sporting event live online. Unlike other paid services, StreamEast lets you stream live sports for free. You can also opt for the StreamEast Pro paid service to view multiple streams at the same time.

However, due to some technical issues, the website often goes through downtimes which interrupts the sports-watching experience. 

That’s why we have curated a list of StreamEast alternatives; so that you don’t get frustrated while watching your favorite sports events online. Other than that, we’ve also answered some of the most asked questions about StreamEast.

Let’s check them out.

What is StreamEast?

StreamEast is a free sports streaming website that offers streams from all over the world. It includes soccer, baseball, boxing, basketball, car racing or motorsports, rugby, hockey, WWW, college football matches, tennis, volleyball, etc. With StreamEast’s easy-to-use interface, you can stream HD-quality videos of MLB, UFC, Boxing, NBA, NHL, NFL, Formula 1, CFB, and NCAA, Houston Astro games, Seattle Mariners broadcasts, etc. This website also features live scoring and the latest news on the most recent matches.

Is StreamEast Safe to Use?

StreamEast is free from any malware that can affect your device or your privacy, so it can be said that StreamEast is safe to use. However, you should know that StreamEast is a pirate site (as most of the live broadcasts are subject to copyright protection), so it’s better to take precautions before you start using this website. It is recommended to use a decent VPN while using these types of pirate websites.

Is StreamEast Legal?

The legal status of the service provided by StreamEast is considered “non-clear.” The website does provide a safe and reliable environment for its users to watch legal content; however, this site actually allows access to unauthorized content.

Streaming illegal content can get you into serious trouble and we do not encourage such behavior. You need to check cyber laws for your location and then only you should stream such pirated content on your device. It is always better to use a VPN while accessing such websites to maintain anonymity and avoid getting identified.

Top 8 Alternatives of StreamEast

Here are the top StreamEast alternative websites that you can try when StreamEast’s website is down:


Sportlemon offers a variety of live streams of sports events like American football, motorsports, basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis, etc. The simple user interface and smooth streaming without any buffering feature of this website make it a great alternative to StreamEast.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go’s streams are high quality and you can watch live sports without any interruptions. The site also has a mobile and console-compatible app. Keep in mind that you might get restrictions to access content based on your logging location to the site. Fans of all kinds of sports can tune in, including the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), NASCAR, and soccer. Fox Sports Go is available as an iOS and Android app and even you can stream it on your consoles.


StreamHunter and Sportlemon are almost identical websites. But the first one covers some more sports live broadcasts (more than 12) and do not show too many ads while streaming. Apart from that, the website of  StreamHunter looks better than Sportlemon. StreamHunter also lets its users add their own streaming addresses.

Batman Stream

Batman Stream is another excellent alternative to watch sports online for free. It’s a popular sports streaming service that broadcasts various exciting sports including football, NBA, NHL, rugby, hockey and more. You can find almost all sports on this site. Batmanstream offers a simple UI and an amazing search feature to find out your favorite sport quickly. Moreover, the website gets updated every 15 minutes. The only disadvantage of this site is that it restricts access based on your geographical location. So, you need to use a VPN to access this website.


VIPLeague is another StreamEast alternative that lets you watch more than 22 sports streams online for free. It includes football, baseball, basketball, motorsports, and more. This reliable website comes with a simple-to-use interface and another amazing feature is it offers sports in multiple languages which makes it a popular streaming website.


If you’re looking for a free sports streaming site that offers exciting sports like boxing, basketball, football, hockey, and more, then you must visit Sportsurge. Although advertisement might interrupt your live stream, it provides super consistent streaming in more than 150 countries and works without any problems. They stream sports from renowned broadcasters of the world such as ESPN and Sky Sports. You can enjoy watching NFL, MMA, Boxing, NHL, and NBA matches. 


In case you want to enjoy watching live sports streams with your friends without getting interrupted by the stream going down or running into buffering problems, FormHots is the perfect site for you. It’s another great source of live sports streams, such as American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, etc., matches. The site also collects several streams from various sources which helps to find an alternative stream if one stops working.


If you want an easy, cost-free strategy for making it to the next football, basketball, baseball, and tennis events on time, Stream2Watch is the website to look at. Besides these sports, you can also enjoy watching hockey, boxing, cricket and soccer. The best part of this site is it doesn’t contain many ads or sometimes any ads. More


That was it about StreamEast and its alternatives. Whether you are a soccer or baseball fan, then you can use these websites and watch them for free.

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