Ignoring Your Texts On Purpose: Why People Do It & How to Deal with It

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Is your partner not answering your texts? It’s never been easy to deal with such situations, especially if the person is avoiding you purposely. When this happens, you become confused about why they’re ignoring your texts on purpose.

But don’t panic. This article will give you some probable answers and some tips to deal with it.

10 Reasons Why Someone Ignores Your Texts on Purpose

If you’re wondering why someone you love ignores your texts on purpose, here’re the top reasons behind that.

1. They’re losing interest in you

You wait for a person of interest you like to text you back, but he/she doesn’t respond. While you may not want to admit it yourself, there’s a possibility that they’re losing interest. 

If that person was a friend, the case might be different. But if you’re flirting with them or have a crush, ignoring the texts intentionally is a way to let you down. 

2. They’re busy

If someone is ignoring your texts repeatedly, you need to take into account that they might be busy. Some people often ignore their mobiles while working on something important.

3. They get bored of your tiring conversation

If you only reach them while you’re in trouble and ask for help, they may get bored solving your issues. You always can’t expect others to listen to your issues. They’re not therapists. So, if you plan a tiring conversation with them, they won’t text you back.

4. You’re forcing yourself on them

In case you’ve texted them 200 times and now they’re ignoring the texts, it’s a sign for you to stop. Especially if you’ve met the person recently and are being too pushy, they might feel overwhelmed. Instead of giving them some space, you’re suffocating them.

Suppose someone keeps messaging you day and night or sends you dirty messages, what would you do? Simply ignore their texts purposely. There’re other ways also to put an end to such situations. Sites like newscitech.com have all the resolutions on how to stop dirty messages from random numbers.

5. They don’t want to talk to you anymore

Maybe they’re not interested in connecting with you or are going through a hard time. Whatever the reason, your texting them isn’t what they want right now. They simply don’t want to write you in this instance.

6. They have been hurt by your words

Sometimes people make jokes that can hurt others. Certain topics may not be directly related to them, but your insensitive words or comments may be hurtful. Therefore, they are trying to avoid you and don’t want to reply to your texts.

7. They’re upset with you

If the person ignoring you is your best friend, you need to think deeply about what you’ve done. Maybe you aren’t seeing them much or giving them time as you should be. So, they ignore your texts on purpose.

There’s no other explanation in such cases. They just want you to show that they’re upset with you. You may call it an immature gesture, but it surely gives you a clear hint.

8. They don’t like texting

When they suddenly stop texting, it’s possible that they don’t like to text constantly. Or, they may be bad at texting. Some people don’t enjoy being stuck to their phones all day long.

If you meet them in person, you may find they’re very friendly and social. But when it comes to texting people, they don’t feel that connection. So, if they’re not a very texter, it explains why you’re not getting responses to your texts.

9. They don’t text back to everyone

People can be selective while chatting with others over text messages. So, if you expect someone to text you back immediately, make sure you are one of their favorite person on the list. Otherwise, it’s obvious that your texts will be ignored by them.

10. It’s a dying conversation over texts

Texting can be a great way to stay in touch with favorite people, but it sometimes becomes hard to continue the conversation. You somehow want to keep a conversation going especially when he/she is your crush. But in case they’re ignoring your texts on purpose, that conversation is over.

This can be accepted because you need to understand when to stop. Giving some space and a break will be good. 

Furthermore, if you’re only sending emojis without any relevant messages, it’s not their fault that they stop reply you back.

What you can do if someone’s ignoring texts purposely

Nobody likes being ghosted over text messages. But when you’re, you need to deal with it calmly to handle the situation.

Here’re some quick tips you can follow if someone’s ignoring your texts purposely:

  • Don’t become desperate.
  • Don’t send any angry texts.
  • Send them a message after a few days.
  • Give them some space.
  • Wait for them to reply.


As now you understand why someone’s ignoring your texts on purpose, give them time. After a while, contact that person over phone calls or meet them and talk about the issue. But if nothing helps, you have to consider that the connection has been lost and you can’t do anything. All you can do is to move on and live your life.

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