How to Trick EcoATM to Make More Money

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EcoATM is an easy, secure, and fast way to sell an old mobile, tablet, or MP3 player for instant cash. You’ll get a QR code sticker at the kiosk that’ll be needed to complete the process.

However, you may not always receive the desired price, and it doesn’t accept lost, stolen or activation-locked devices. But if you still want to recycle the phone, you can trick EcoATM by showing a unique promo code in the ATM’s browser. You can avail of these special codes on special events like Thanksgiving day.

Simply search for an EcoATM promo code or discount code on a search engine, and you’ll find the results. For example, MySavingHub gives you verified and best promo codes based on phone models.

Keep reading this article to get into details.

What is EcoATM?

EcoATM is a fast, easy and safe way to recycle or sell old mobile phones, tablets, and MP3 players for instant cash.

It’s an electronic vending machine with over 5,000 kiosks across the US at local grocery stores, shopping malls, Walmart and other places. It gives you an instant price offer based on the device’s model and condition. If you don’t like the price, you can get the device back at any time.

The process to Sell or Recycle Your Mobile Phones at EcoATM

EcoATM is convenient and easy to use. You can follow the process below in order to sell or recycle your old mobile phones.

  1. First, factory reset the phone to delete and protect personal data. Then, bring the device to a nearby ecoATM kiosk along with your valid state ID.
  2. Once you reach the kiosk, place the phone there, and you’ll be asked questions about yourself and the device, including its model and condition.
  3. EcoATM will provide a QR code sticker that you need to affix to the item.
  4. Connect your device to the power plug and insert it into the kiosk to start processing.
  5. You need to be 18 years old to sell or recycle your old device to EcoATM because the machine will ask to scan your driver’s license and fingerprint for their database to verify legitimacy.
  6. Look at the webcam. It’ll stream your video in real-time to a remote attendant at their headquarter in San Diego, CA. They’ll compare your face to the one in the ID you scanned.
  7. After your identity gets verified, ecoATM will display the price offer based on the model, specific condition, and value in the secondary market.

Now, you can either accept the offer to get instant cash or reject it and take back the phone.

Electronic Devices Accepted by EcoATM

EcoATM accepts mostly all types of electronic devices whether they’re scratched, cracked, or unable to switch on. But you’ll get paid for specific devices only. It accepts broken iPhones, old reusable iPhones, different Apple devices, Android phones, tablets, and devices from brands like Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, Motorola, and ZTE.

EcoATM also accepts chargers and other accessories like cases to recycle. But they won’t pay you for the accessories.

The main motive is to reduce the amount of toxic electronic waste and save the natural environment.

Is It Possible to Sell A Locked Mobile at EcoATM?

Yes, you can sell a locked mobile at ecoATM. They accept all kinds of mobiles and tablets regardless of the condition.

You simply need to bring the item to an ecoATM, place it on the kiosk, and the machine analyzes it to give you an estimate. Then you can decide whether you’ll recycle it or sell it for cash. The entire process is very simple and takes about five minutes.

When you sell a mobile, check whether it’s working and has a clear display. Also,  note down the serial number behind the item. A stolen or locked device won’t give you enough money. In such cases, you can try the ecoATM online kiosk, where the machine will give you a price offer for a locked mobile.

While using the ecoATM website or kiosk for selling an old mobile, make sure to take a backup,  delete all personal information, and remove the SIM card. But remember ecoATM verifies whether the device had been lost before or stolen. Selling a stolen or locked mobile at ecoATM is strictly prohibited and your transaction can get canceled without a valid ID.

How does EcoATM Identify A Stolen Mobile?

Similar to a pawn shop, people can sell a stolen mobile at ecoATM for cash. They use the seller’s identity and device serial number to check the authenticity. Then the company runs the information through their database of stolen mobiles. If they find a match, they send an alert to law enforcement.

The ecoATM machine may not identify a stolen mobile, but they have a database containing the stolen mobiles. They have live attendants managing all the transactions.

Further, the machine is unable to find out the accurate serial number of a stolen mobile. It can’t tell if the mobile has been sold at an ecoATM kiosk, but it does know if there’s any theft report about the seller.

What Happens If You Sell A Stolen Phone at EcoATM?

The ecoATM machines are made to be convenient for users, but different advanced technologies are working behind them. That includes electronic diagnostics, advanced machine vision, and artificial intelligence.

It’s impossible to trick ecoATM with a fake ID. The kiosks take high-security measurements (like Kill-Switch Check or CheckMEND) and methods (like live validation) to identify the sale of a stolen device. When they find a stolen mobile or tablet, they instantly inform law enforcement and the police start investigating.

Can You Sell A Phone at EcoATM That Doesn’t Power On?

Yes, you can still sell a phone at ecoATM that doesn’t power on.

If your phone is out of battery and you want to sell it, ecoATM will accept the phone. Make sure you bring a valid state ID with you since the machine will scan it to confirm your identity.

In case your mobile doesn’t power on, you need to transfer the data to a new mobile before leaving the ecoATM kiosk.

Is EcoATM Safe and Beneficial?

EcoATM is absolutely safe and beneficial to use. It gives you a convenient way to sell any old, locked (not iCloud locked) and broken cell phones. You’ll get immediate cash from the machine after selling.

In this way, you can easily get rid of old or unwanted phones. It also helps to limit electronic waste and make the environment pollution free.

Additionally, you get the advantage of saving time and resources. For example, if you choose to sell a phone by giving ads in a newspaper or e-sites, it would cost you some bucks. You have to check the replies constantly and even, might not be satisfied with the buyer’s payment.

On the other hand, ecoATM provides you with a quick and inexpensive way to sell the phone while saving your time.

Another benefit of ecoATM is if you’re not happy with their price offer, you can reject it and take back your device.

So, it’s safe for the users without any corruption in the machine. If someone attempts to sell a stolen phone and it’s recorded in the ecoATM’s database, law enforcement will get notified. The process needs a registered report from the police. Once the police show the FIR to the ecoATM authority, they hand over the device to the police.

What are the Drawbacks of EcoATM?

Despite several benefits, ecoATM has some drawbacks. It may accept chargers and other device accessories, but you won’t get paid for them. Apart from that, only specific types of electronic devices they accept and offer money to the sellers.


To conclude, it’s very difficult to trick ecoATM due to its high-security measurements in the programming. You may find many videos on tricking ecoATM, but they’re fake and useless. To sell something there, you need a valid ID proof and there’s a live webcam to scan your face. If you provide a fake ID and your face doesn’t match the webcam, the machine rejects the sale.

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