How to Make A Heart In Minecraft

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Are you looking for a creative way to decorate your Minecraft village? A heart-shaped statue can be a good addition. Let’s understand how to make a heart in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a world of blocks to explore new adventures. Perhaps you’ve finished building your customized village and other structures like farms, gardens, castles, ships, etc. But somehow you feel that it requires a finishing touch. Minecraft offers some cool options that you can try to enhance your creation.

For example, you can build a heart statue in the center of the village. You can design it and much more with the various tools on this platform. But, how to make a heart in Minecraft?

You need to follow the necessary steps to make a giant heart statue in Minecraft. This will require wool blocks of your preferred color for the heart. Then, you only need to build the heart delicately with those blocks.

Resources and Materials for Building A Heart in Minecraft

There’s no need for lots of resources for building a heart-shaped status in Minecraft. You only require blocks of your choice to construct the structure. This guide will show you the ways to use wool blocks to build the heart, but you can also pick concrete blocks or others.

You’ll require three kinds of wool blocks:

  • Red wool
  • Black wool
  • White wool

How to Make a Heart in Minecraft

Once you have all the resources ready, follow these steps below to build a heart in Minecraft:

  • First and foremost, select a wide open space to build the heart on. The space depends on how large you want the heart to be.
  • Place two black wool blocks in the center.
  • Then, line up four more black wool blocks upwards diagonally on both sides.
  • Next, place four red wool blocks diagonally on top of the black wool blocks on a side.
  • Repeat step no. 4 for another side.
  • After that, place two red wool blocks on top of the black wool blocks in the corner. Repeat this step for the opposite side.
  • Place two black wool blocks beside the two red wool blocks you’ve just placed to join them. Again repeat this step for the opposite side.
  • Now, create a tower by placing four red wool blocks on top of the outermost black wool boxes and add four black wool blocks next to them.
  • Place a solitary black wool box on each topmost red wool block.
  • Now, start creating a line towards the inner side by adding three red wool blocks next to the black wool block you just placed. Then, place three black wool blocks on top of the three red wool blocks.
  • Finish the line by placing a black wool block in front of the red wool blocks. Repeat this step for both sides.
  • For the ending, simply place a red wool block beneath the black wool blocks hanging in the middle.
  • Now, add two black wool blocks to join them.
  • You’ve completed the structure. All you left is to fill up the center with red wool blocks.

Pro tip: Add one or two white wool blocks in the top right corner to make your heart look more creative.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful and you’ll now be able to make a giant heart in your Minecraft village. Do you know any other variations of heart-shaped statues? Let us know in the comment box below.

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