5 Ways to Make a Call Private by Hiding your Number

BY Sourav



Caller ID is a great feature to identify an incoming number right on your display, which goes the same for your number. There’re many times that you don’t want to reveal your identity to others and make a private call. In fact, many businesses often require to hide their contact details from certain clients.

Whether for personal or professional reasons, here’re the different tricks you can block your number from showing up on the other side when making a call. 

1. Use *67 to hide the phone number

The best trick to call privately is by entering *67 before dialing a number, which hides your name and phone number. It works on both landlines and smartphones. Just use *67 followed by the number you want to call.

Once you make the call, the called ID on the other end will show ‘Private” or “Blocked”. You have to enter *67 every time you want to hide or block your number.

2. Block your caller ID from default settings

If you use an Android or iPhone, you can automatically block your caller ID by changing the default settings. Then the number will appear as private.

To block the caller ID on Android,

  1. Select the Phone app.
  2. Tap Settings and then Call Settings.
  3. Tap Additional Settings and then Caller ID.
  4. Select Hide Number and the number will be hidden.

To block the caller ID on an iPhone,

  1. From Settings, tap Phone.
  2. Select Show My Caller ID.
  3. Toggle off the switch to hide your caller ID.

3. Contact carrier to hide your number

If you’re unable to find the settings to hide caller ID or don’t want to dial *67 each time you make a call, here’s the solution. You can contact your carrier and request them to hide your number.

For that, call your carrier’s customer service and ask the customer support technician to hide the phone number. It will only a few minutes to change and apply the settings.

If you ever want to show your number while making a call, just enter *82 before dialing the number. It unhides your number for the receiver.

4. Set up Google Voice number

A permanent way to call privately is by setting up a Google Voice number. It’s a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service that gives you a number and you can call, text or leave voicemails using it. Apart from calling, you can forward, schedule, and block calls using this service. All you need is a mobile or desktop with the internet and the Google Voice app installed on it. So, when you call someone, they can see your Google Voice number instead of your personal number.

If you’re facing trouble or getting poor call quality, find Google Voice alternatives for the best VoIP service.

5. Call from a “Burner” number

A burner number is a temporary disposable number that you can use to make any call. There’re plenty of burner apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. These apps basically use your internet connection to make calls, which gives you a second phone number. 

When you use a burner app to call someone, the app first calls your burner number and then adds the number that you’re trying to call. The receiver will see your burner number on their screen.

Here’re some best apps for a temporary burner phone number:

  • Burner
  • Line2
  • Hushed
  • CoverMe


Hiding your phone number while making calls gives you many advantages whether it’s a personal or professional call. You may not always want to reveal your identity and make calls private. Using these tricks above, now you can hide or block your number easily. Let us know in the comment section which trick you like the most.

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