How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac

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Taking a screenshot is the most accurate method when you want to capture what’s on your Mac’s screen. However, sometimes you may need to cut out some parts of the screenshot in order to hide some confidential information. In that case, you need to crop the screenshot.

There are multiple methods along with built-in options as well as paid and free third-party alternatives to take screenshots on Mac. If you are not sure of the processes, go through this article to learn how to crop a screenshot on Mac.

Important Keyboard Shortcuts to Take Mac Screenshots

Before understanding how to crop a screenshot, you may need to know how to take a screenshot on Mac. 

There are various methods of taking a Mac screenshot, but the fastest way is to use different keyboard shortcuts. You can crop screenshots using a build in screenshot cropping tool if you’ve macOS Mojave and a later version.

In case you don’t know how to take screenshots, here are the shortcuts. 

  • To take a screenshot of the whole screen: Shift + Command + 3
  • To capture a window or menu: Shift + Command + 4 + Space bar
  • To capture a specific part of the screen: Shift + Command + 4

How to Crop a Screenshot on a Mac

You can use the following methods after taking a screenshot.

Using Built-in Screenshot Cropping Tool

The brand new built-in screenshot cropping tool is probably the best way to crop a screenshot on a Mac. 

Once you take a screenshot in macOS, a floating thumbnail will appear on the bottom right side of your screen. All you need is to click on it to bring the cropping tool. The thumbline will disappear within a few moments if you don’t click on it. As a result, you won’t be able to use the cropping tool. 

To crop screenshots using this tool

  1. Once you are done taking a screenshot, click on the thumbnail that comes at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  2. Click the Crop icon.
  3. Select the particular area that you want to keep.
  4. Click Done to save the screenshot.

Use Preview

In macOS, “Preview” is the app that opens when you double-click an image. You can use this handy tool to quickly crop a screenshot.

To crop screenshot using preview

  1. Launch Preview by double-clicking on an image in Finder. 
  2. Click on the Show Markup Toolbar icon from top-right corner.
  3. Using Click and Drag, select the area of the image you want to keep.
  4. Click on Tools from the menu bar 
  5. Finally, select Crop from the dropdown.

Utilize the Photos App

Using the Photos app on your Macbook, you can crop, resize, zoom and make collages of your images. It’s a built-in tool to manage images on macOS. All you need is to save your screenshot before doing this. 

To crop screenshot using the photos app

  1. Right-click on the screenshot and choose Open With.
  2. Select Photos from the menu. If it does not appear in the menu, select Open with> Other and find Photos from the list.
  3. The screenshot will now be imported into the “Photos” app.
  4. Click Edit from the top right corner of the app screen.
  5. Now, choose Crop.
  6. Drag crop handles and sides to crop the image.
  7. Click Done to save the cropped screenshot.

Use Third-Party Tools

You can find numerous third-party photo editing apps in the “Photos and Videos” category in the App Store. Some of the popular photo editing apps are Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop Express, Picsart, Picresize, ResizeImage, etc.

Each app has its own way of cropping images. You can download any third-party photo editing app and crop images.


Hope this article solves your query on how to crop a screenshot on Mac. You can use any of the methods mentioned in this article to cut down the screenshots to your favorable size and information.

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