How to Block Twitch Ads

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Like many streaming platforms, Twitch displays advertisements during streams to promote new games or brands. Though these ads are helpful for streamers and viewers, they’re also distracting while watching a stream. The most annoying part is you can’t close, minimize or skip the ads.

Thankfully, you can easily block Twitch ads to enjoy streaming or broadcasting without any ad interruption. Here we have listed the reliable methods to block annoying ads on Twitch.

1. Install Twitch Adblock Extension

The simplest method you can try is to use an ad-blocking extension to block Twitch ads. You can use the Adblock Plus extension, which is available in Google Chrome and Firefox. It’s free to install on your desktop browser.

Here’s how to do it on Chrome:

  • Go to Adblock Plus’s official website.
  • Click Get Adblock Plus Extension From Chrome. It’ll direct you to its main page.
  • Select Add to Chrome to add it to your browser.
  • Click Add extension on the pop-up and it’ll be activated instantly.

Now restart the browser and watch ad-free streaming on Twitch.

2. Set Up VPN

If you set up a VPN, it creates a private network to keep your online activity secured as well as help you skip Twitch ads. The main purpose of using the VPN is to access Twitch through a country that doesn’t show ads.

For example, in a non-native-English speaking Eastern European nation, you can avoid ads if you use a VPN. But the only problem is your VPN may create lags or slow down the streaming.

The most trusted and safest VPN for blocking Twitch ads is NordVPN. It masks your IP address with over 5100 servers in 60 countries, boosts the speed, streams videos in high quality without lags, etc.

3. Use Twitchls and

Twitchls and are two third-party open-source websites that use Twitch content and stream it directly. These websites block all types of Twitch ads but it comes with some restrictions.

Twitchls requires the login details of your Twitch account to access the streamer’s chat. Both of these platforms restrict you completely from participating in Twitch drops and earning channel points. even restrict your access to the streamer’s chat. 

These platforms don’t have the ‘dark mode’ feature and they load the stream automatically at a 360p quality. You can manually select the 1080p quality from the video settings to view the live stream on that specific quality. In that case, you need to load the complete stream again. 

You can easily use Twitchls and by visiting their official website. Simply open the website and search for the Twitch channel to enjoy streaming. 

4. Become A Twitch Turbo User

If you want to watch ad interruption-free streaming on Twitch, you can subscribe to Twitch Turbo. With this monthly program, you can enjoy ad-free viewing across this streaming service.

To use Twitch Turbo, you need to pay $8.99/month.

How to Block Twitch Ads on Android and iPhone?

In order to block Twitch ads on Android and iPhone, follow these steps below:

  1. Download and install an ad block app on your mobile like Adguard or AdLock adblocker.
  2. Launch the app and activate it.

These ad-block apps will block unwanted ads when you’re watching your favorite streamer on Twitch.

If you’re an iPhone user, these apps won’t work on the Twitch app. Instead, you must watch Twitch streams on the Safari browser to disable ads with the ad-blocking apps.

That’s all. Try out the suggested methods and you’ll be able to block Twitch ads successfully. If you have any more queries, drop your comment in the section below.

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