How Many Times does FaceTime Ring

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FaceTime has been the most popular video and audio chatting service among iPhone, iPad and Mac users. But when you’re unable to reach someone or wondering if they’re ignoring your calls, you might be curious how many times FaceTime rings before it cuts the call automatically.

How many times does FaceTime ring before a call is missed?

FaceTime rings eleven times before the recipient rejects the call.

Once Facetime rings 11 times, it drops the call automatically, indicating that your intended recipient is unavailable at the moment. If that person rejects your calls, FaceTime will ring for less time.

Eleven rings are a fair amount of times to let the responders answer the calls. But here’re a couple of things you should keep in mind about missed FaceTime calls.

Notes on missed FaceTime calls

1. Sometimes, people can’t answer FaceTime calls because they’re not connected to the internet or their phone is off.

If the other person doesn’t have an active internet connection or if their phone is not on, FaceTime will ring for a very shorter time and show “unavailable.”

2. Your screen may show “unavailable” if the other person declines your call.

If you’re calling someone and they decline your call, it’ll inform you that they’re unavailable right after they press the call reject button. If someone refuses to answer your call, you’ll receive an identical message as if someone wasn’t able to respond to the call.

3. Keep patience while waiting for the person to pick up your call.

There can be a delay between you calling somebody and their mobile starts ringing. So, try to be patient with the person when expecting them to receive your FaceTime call.

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