How to Fix the Error “Welcome to Instagram”

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Are you seeing a “Welcome to Instagram” message while opening the app?

Many users have complained about this error message with the complete statement saying, “When you follow people, you’ll see the photos and videos they post here.”

When it occurs, you’ll be unable to view new posts on Instagram.

The message generally appears if you’re new to this platform or you’re not following anyone. Although sometimes it may be a technical glitch in their service.

Several reports as of May 2022 show that people are encountering the welcome message despite being regular users.

If you’re one of them, here is the guide explaining why you’re seeing “Welcome to Instagram” and solutions to fix it.

Why Does Instagram Keep Showing Welcome to Instagram?

Instagram keeps showing “Welcome to Instagram” because either you’re a new user on Instagram or you’re not following anyone.

But the message can also appear due to a software glitch or bug.

In March 2022, there were complaints about people receiving this message on their feed.

Even though they have been using Instagram for multiple years and follow many users, they can’t view any new posts.

Other people can view posts on their feed, but those are only old posts. Even after refreshing the load, no new posts are showing.

It’s due to the server being down on that day, and the same issue may occur again.

So, if the Instagram server is down, you need to wait until they solve it.

How to Fix “Welcome to Instagram”

In order to fix “Welcome to Instagram”, you need to check if their server is down.

If the Instagram server is down, wait for it to back up after a few hours.

There’s nothing else you can do to solve it if there’s a server outage. It’s because the issue is from their end, not yours.

But if Instagram is not down and you’re getting this error, it indicates either you’re new to Instagram, or you’re not following anyone.

If so, follow other users to view the latest posts on your homepage.

If you’re still unable to fix “Welcome to Instagram”, try clearing the cache, or uninstalling and reinstalling the app can help you.

1. Check If Instagram Server is Down

The first method is to check if the Instagram server is down.

There’re multiple ways to check that.

Firstly, you can try Downdetector which provides you a real-time overview of problems and outages with all services.

So, visit the site from a browser, click the global icon to select the US version, and you’ll find a graph of “Instagram outages reported in the last 24 hours”.

A huge spike in the graph indicates Instagram is currently down for everyone.

The second way to check for the server status is to open Twitter and search for “Instagram down”.

Or, you can search for the Instagram error message that you’re getting and see if there’s any tweet about it.

Ensure to check the top and latest tweets only.

2. Wait For A Couple Of Hours

If the Instagram server is down, you have to wait for a couple of hours until they fix the issue from their end.

Additionally, if the service is not down, then it can be a technical glitch resulting in the error message.

In May 2022, all users received the “Welcome to Instagram” message because Instagram was down. After some hours, the message disappeared and everyone could view posts on their homepage again.

Several social media platforms also confirmed that Instagram was down at that instant.

Therefore, you can try a Google search on “Instagram down” and read the latest news.

Perhaps you’re not the only one facing the same issue on Instagram.

3. Follow Some Users

In case you’ve recently opened an Instagram account, you may receive the “Welcome to Instagram” message.

It occurs if you don’t follow some users on Instagram. Consequently, you won’t be able to view any posts.

Rather, you’ll see a message “Welcome to Instagram” suggesting you follow users.

Therefore, you need to follow some users to remove the message.

Once you start following others, refresh the feed, and you can see posts from them.

4. Clear Instagram Cache

The next solution you can try is clearing the Instagram cache. The process is different on Android and iOS.

If you’re an Android user, press and hold the app icon, tap App Info, select Internal Storage, and tap Clear cache.

If you’re an iPhone user, navigate to Settings, select General > iPhone Storage > Instagram, and tap Delete App. Once you’re done, reinstall the app from the App Store.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

If everything fails to fix the issue, your last option is to uninstall and reinstall Instagram.

Uninstallation mostly fixes all the problems a user experiences on an app. Therefore, you need to delete the app from your mobile and install it again.

To do that on Android, press and hold the app icon, select Uninstall, and tap Uninstall again to confirm. Now, go to the Google Play Store, search for Instagram, select it and tap on Install.

Once installation is complete, log back into your profile, and the problem should be fixed.

Final Words

You may face different kinds of issues on Instagram. Like sometimes, you may find your Instagram feed is not loading. As a result, new posts don’t show up even after refreshing the feed.

When that happens, don’t panic. The account is not hacked; rather it’s just a simple glitch in the app, or Instagram is down.

So, clear the cache, reinstall the app or wait for a couple of hours to get the problem resolved. We’ve explained all the solutions in the article. Give them a try and let us know which one works the best for you.

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