Overwatch 2 Voice Chat Not Working – Here’re the Fixes

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Playing Overwatch 2 without voice chat can be a game-changer. Communication among teammates is a crucial part of multiplayer games and Overwatch 2 is no exception. But nothing is more frustrating than finding out that voice chat has stopped working. It becomes difficult to continue if you can’t hear your friends or can’t talk to them. This is a common issue since the launch that seems to be permanent.

Don’t worry, here’s our guide on how to fix voice chat not working on Overwatch 2.

How to fix Overwatch 2 Voice Chat Not Working Issue

Here’re all the possible solutions you can try to get the voice chat working. Follow them one by one until it starts working.

Check Overwatch 2 In-Game Audio Settings

The issue can be the audio settings in Overwatch 2. To change it, open the Options menu and choose Sound to check if something is misconfigured. Ensure that the options Team Voice Chat or Group Voice Chat are turned on, not off.

To use this same voice chat setting, you can set it to default as Auto Join. Thus, you can automatically get put into “Team Voice Chat” or “Group Voice Chat” whenever you join a match.

Check Your Headset/Microphone

The issue could be the headset/microphone is muted or isn’t plugged in.

Based on what PC or game console you’re using, you can fix it from settings. If you’re using a PC, you might need to allow the game to access your headset or ensure whether your “Party check output” is set correctly to Xbox.

Also, check if your microphone device is showing green light. If not, it’s not plugged in correctly or loosely plugged in. So, connect the device again.

Allow Microphone Access

In order to allow microphone access to the PC, search for Microphone Privacy Settings in the Windows Search box and turn on Microphone Access. Then, make sure to toggle on Allow apps to access your microphone

You’ll also need to make the microphone your default device. To do that, go to Control Panel> Sound and then under the Recording tab, select and right-click your microphone and select Set as default.

Disable Exclusive Mode

If the above solution doesn’t help, disable the exclusive mode to use the voice chat feature on Overwatch 2. 

For that, open Control Panel, select Sound> Right-click your microphone> Properties> Advanced and then uncheck the box for Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device to disable it. 

Update Audio Drivers

There’s a high chance that your Windows audio drivers are not updated and that’s causing the issue. Updating the driver can resolve it at times.

To update an audio driver on Windows PC, press windows key+X, select Device Manager and double-click on Audio inputs and outputs to expand it. Then, find and right-click your audio driver and select Update driver. For automatic updates, select the option Search automatically for updated driver software and follow the on-screen instructions.

Additional Tips

  • Check parental controls: Check the parental control settings from your Battle.Net account. Log in to the account with your parent or guardian’s email id, go to “Parental Settings” and change the “Text and Voice Chat” options for the game.
  • Customize Push-to-talk on Overwatch 2: Select Options> Controls> Communication and customizes the push-to-talk setting for voice chat for different heroes.
  • Plug back in the headset: If the headset is connected loosely, sometimes plug out and plug back in can do the trick.
  • Check firewall: Make sure your firewall or router settings aren’t blocking the voice chat option in the game.
  • Restart your game: Restarting your game freshly often solve many issues.
  • Reboot PC: An effective fix for most tech issues is to simply reboot your PC.

That’s all folks! Hope you’ve got your solutions for Overwatch 2 Voice Chat not working. Enjoy gaming with your friends.

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