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Since its release in the market, the iPhone has been the most popular product of Apple. However, the users may often experience some issues with it. A common issue that Apple iPhone users face is that when they play or record videos, there’s no sound on videos. The issue is most likely to be seen on iPhone 4S and iPhone 6 Plus. If your iPhone video also has no sound, go through this guide to know the root causes and solutions to fix it.

Signs of No Sound on iPhone Videos

There’re many causes behind no sound in iPhone videos. The primary cause can be the iPhone mic is filled with dirt, dust or lint particles. So, cleaning the dirt and removing the particles should make the mic work.

The next sign may be related to the case or screen protector on your iPhone that’s covering the phone’s mic and blocking the audio.

Another reason may be a software glitch resulting in this issue.

Ways to solve the issue

1. Turn Up the Volume/Ringer

Ensure to turn the iPhone’s volume/ringer all the way up. Some users turn up the volume while playing a song or video on a music app to make it work. To do that, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics and use the Ringer and Alerts slider to turn the volume up.

2. Disconnect Bluetooth Devices

Check if you have connected a Bluetooth device to the iPhone because it may block the speaker from producing audio. So, open Settings, select Bluetooth and ensure no headset is connected.

3. Close Camera and Open Music on iPhone

Sometimes the music stops playing if you open the camera on the iPhone. It’s a small software glitch that may cause no sound on videos or records. To verify, close the camera or video app and open the music app. Now, play any song and close it. Then go back to the videos and see if there’s sound or not.

4. Clean the iPhone Microphone and Speaker

If there’s something in the microphone jack, your phone may fail to play sound from the speakers. So, make sure your finger or the case isn’t covering the mic while recording.

It’s also possible that a small particle or debris is blocking the sound that’ll lead to no sound when you’re recording videos. So, to clean the microphone, you can use a soft-bristled brush, toothpick, cotton earbud, needle or painter’s tape to remove stubborn dirt.

5. Test the Microphone with Voice Memos

If cleaning the mic doesn’t solve the issue, you need to check if the microphone of the iPhone is working correctly. To test the microphone, use the iPhone’s standard Voice Memos app. Open Voice Memos, tap the record button, speak into the mic at the bottom and stop recording. Then play back the Memos and check if you can hear the voice clearly.

6. Turn Off AirPlay

Make sure your Airplay is not connected to a different device. To check, swipe from the top-right of the screen on newer models or swipe up from below the screen on older models to open Control Center, choose the AirPlay icon and disconnect devices if there’re any.

7.  Restart iPhone

As many users claim, restarting the iPhone can be a quick solution to this problem. Close the video or music application and restart your phone.

8. Take Off the Case or Cover

If you’ve put a hard case or back cover on the iPhone, it may result in no sound on videos. Hence, it’s better to take off the case or cover of your iPhone and try to play or record a video. See if that helps.

9. Perform A Soft Reset

If the aforementioned solutions fail to help you, performing a soft reset on the iPhone is your last resort. To do that, press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wak buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Then release the buttons and let the phone restart.

10. Contact Apple Support

When you’ve tried all the ways and you still get no sound on iPhone videos, there’s a chance that the mic is malfunctioning. In that case, contact Apple Support or back up all data and go to the Apple Store to fix it.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful to solve your problem with the iPhone. If you know any more solutions or have other problems related to iPhones, feel free to share them with us in the comment box. We’ll try to respond as quickly as possible.

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