How to Fix Instagram “We’ll Try Again Once There’s a Better Connection” Error?

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Are you getting an error message that says, “We’ll try again once there’s a better connection” while uploading multiple photos/videos on your Instagram account?  

It generally works if you try to upload a single photo or video.

However, the error might occurs if you try to use the carousel feature on Instagram to upload multiple videos or photos. 

But the good news is that you are not the one that has experienced such a problem.

This article will help you identify why you are getting the error message and what you can do to fix the problem.

Why Instagram is Saying I have a Bad Internet Connection?

A bad internet connection might be wrongly detected by Instagram while you’re trying to upload a carousel (Instagram posts containing more than one video or picture). if your internet connection is fine, then the error can occur because of an Instagram bug.

The carousel feature of Instagram is not free of bugs. That’s why posting multiple photos and videos can cause this stubborn error.

So, what to do when you can’t upload a photo or video carousel? Read the following section to know how to fix the error.

How to Fix “We’ll Try Again Once There’s A Better Connection” on Instagram?

The Instagram we’ll try again once there’s a better connection error can be fixed by trimming the video, selecting auto-populated hashtags rather than typing them, removing tagged accounts, and switching the codec to H.265. 

Before posting, you can even try to check your internet speed and choose auto-populated hashtags instead of typing them out. 

Below we’ve explained all the processes in detail. You can use the tips for both iPhone and Android devices. 

1. Trim the Video

You can post multiple videos or photos on your Instagram account by trimming the video. Instagram often creates problems while uploading as-is videos, which is why you should trim off the video for at least one second.

Here’s what you need to do to trim a video on Instagram:

  • Select the video that you want to upload on the carousel.
  • Tap “Next” and click on the video.
  • Now choose “Trim” and cut a small portion of the video.

Now, check whether you can upload the carousel now.

2. Switch the Codec to H.265 

If your video format is H.264, then you have to upload it in H.265 format to upload your video on Instagram successfully. You can do that using any video editing software available on the internet. 

Once you convert your video Codec to H.265, try uploading it on Instagram and check whether this fixes your problem.

3. Use Auto Populated Hash Tags

Try not to spell out the hashtags that you want to include in the caption of your post– this is because spelling out the whole hashtags often creates issues with uploading pictures and videos; instead, you can use the auto-populated or recommended hashtags by Instagram. 

4. Remove Tagged Accounts

Removing tagged accounts is the next solution that you can try. If you get the error message while posting multiple photos, make sure to remove tagged accounts beforehand. You just need to select the “tag people” option and choose the “X” icon to remove all the tagged accounts.

This procedure is effective when you are trying to upload more than one photo; however, you can still try this to upload videos as well.

5. Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes because of a poor or slow internet connection, you can also get the error message. That is the reason why you should check whether your internet connection is stable or not. In case the problem is with your internet connection, switch from mobile data to WiFi or vice versa, or wait until you get a stable internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Instagram post stuck on sending?

A poor internet connection can be the problem why your post is stuck on sending. If you are using mobile data to post something, try using WiFi or vice versa to check whether the problem gets solved. 

Will Instagram auto post when the connection improves?

You can schedule your Instagram posts when the connection improves. However, this feature is still unavailable for regular Instagram accounts. Only Instagram for business can use the “Auto Publish” feature once they authenticate their Facebook page.

Why Does Instagram Say “Your Post could not be Shared, Please try again”?

In order to keep track of your most frequently visited accounts and other information, Instagram stores a cache in the background. If your phone’s cache memory is full, then you can get messages from Instagram that says “Your Post could not be shared. Please try again”.

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