How to Fix iMessages Not Syncing Between iPhone and Mac

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iMessage is a great messaging tool for people using Apple devices. Using the same Apple ID, it is possible to access the same iMessage conversations on all of your Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

However, you may encounter that sometimes old (even new) iMessages are not syncing with Mac, especially after updating to iOS 15. On the other hand, sometimes the syncing also stops because of some changed settings or your email or phone number was not activated across the devices.

Whatever the reason is, there’s a lot of discussion about the same in the Apple community as most Apple users have experienced the same problem.

The question is, what to do when iMessages not syncing on Mac? There are some simple solutions to fix this problem; today, we’re going to discuss that in this article. So, read on!

Why is My iMessage Not Syncing On My Mac?

Most Apple users have experienced the problem when they have updated to iOS 15. There can be some bugs or glitches in the software update, and that’s why the iMessages are not syncing on Mac. However, the same problem can occur if the user has accidentally made some changes to the settings of his device. On the other hand, not updating your Mac’s software can also be the reason behind this iMessage not syncing issue.

How to Fix iMessages not Syncing on Mac?

Solution 1: Turn off and Then Turn on the iMessage Feature

The first thing that you should do is turn off the iMessage option on both iPhone and Mac and then turn it on again. Here’s how to do it:


  • Go to iPhone’s Settings> Messages> Toggle off iMessage> Wait for a couple of seconds and toggle it on.


  • Open the Messages app and click Preferences> Choose Accounts> Click Sign Out> wait for some time and again sign in.

After enabling iMessage for both devices, check whether your messages are syncing or not.

Solution 2: Check the iMessage Settings on Your iPhone/iPad

You have to activate iMessage on every email address of yours to make sure that you receive iMessages on them. Other settings that you should check are:

  • On your iOS device, go to Settings and then select Messages.
  • Choose Send & Receive.
  • Check both the number and email address under the You can be reached by iMessage at tab.

Solution 3: Check iMessage Settings on Your Mac

  • Open the Messages app and then click Messages from the top menu.
  • Click Preferences and then Choose Accounts.
  • Under the “You can be reached for messages at” tab, make sure your phone number and Apple ID are the same as your iPhone 

Solution 4: Restart Both the Devices

A simple yet effective solution is to restart both your iPhone and Mac. Rebooting devices often solve minor issues, so restart your Apple devices and check whether this helps in syncing iMessages on Mac.

Solution 5: Check iMessage Servers

If the iMessage servers are facing any issues like downtime or maintenance issues, then you cannot do anything but wait until it resolves. Apple has a dedicated system status page ( where you can check if any particular App or feature is facing any downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Sync Messages From iPhone to Mac 2022?

Syncing messages from iPhone to Mac is really easy. Here’s what you need to do:
Open “Settings” on your iPhone. Then tap on “Messages”> “Send & Receive.”
Now open your Mac and open the “Messages” app.
Click the “Messages” menu on the top-left corner.
Click “Preferences.”
Now, click the “iMessage” tab.
Confirm your Apple ID. Remember that you must use the same Apple ID to sync your messages on Mac. 
Check all of the boxes you can find in the “you can be reached for messages at” section. 
Select the same options in the “Under new conversations from” tab for both Mac and your iPhone.

Why iMessages Contact Not Syncing on Mac?

If you are using two different Apple IDs on your iPhone and Mac, then the contacts will not sync from your phone to Mac. On the other hand, if it’s because of the iMessage server issue, then you have to wait until the system’s problem gets resolved. 

How Long Does It Take to Sync iMessage from iPhone to Mac?

The process of iMessage syncing from iPhone to Mac happens instantly. However, sometimes it can take up to 15 minutes.


Not being able to sync your iMessages on your Mac can be an annoying thing if you are someone who constantly switches devices. However, you can easily fix the problem with the troubleshooting tips mentioned in this article.

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